Awakening with the Autumn Equinox


Awakening with the Autumn Equinox

Today is autumn equinox AKA the first official day of fall! Some people also call this sabbat Mabon. It’s the 7th sabbat in the wheel of the year and my second favorite only to Samhain, of course. Whenever autumn comes around, I feel myself come alive. Something about the cool, crisp air and hopes for rain and wind awakens something within me that no other season can. I know I’m not alone in this. All the “basic” witches out there know what I’m talking about. Because of it’s incredible capacity for bringing out the best in us, I thought I would share some ideas for awakening during this autumn season. You can try these on autumn equinox (today), if you have time, but any day during the fall season works as well.

Walk through the woods.

I realize that for some of us, this just isn’t possible, but hear me out. If you have a local forest you can visit, then definitely do that, but if not, try getting out to a local park instead. Even being in the presence of a few trees and some wildlife can do wonders to rejuvenate the spirit and help clear your mind.

Go outside and smell the fresh air.

It’s very easy to coop up in your home during the colder months, but I urge you to wrap up and step outside, even if only for a few moments. Smell the cold, crisp air after the rain washes everything down. Take a moment to collect your thoughts. Journal outside if you have a balcony or covered porch and can enjoy a few moments close to the natural world.

Dance in the rain.

Obviously, wear the appropriate rain gear and waterproof coats so you don’t get sick, but I think dancing in the rain is good for the soul. Let it wash away your pain, your regrets and sorrow, and let it leave you renewed for the upcoming new year. It’s never too late to recreate yourself.

Communicate with your ancestors.

With approaching Samhain, communicating with your ancestors becomes very common, but it doesn’t mean you have to wait until October 31st to do so. You can honor your ancestors, pray with them, and commune any time of the year. Autumn is a great time to open up a dialogue and ask for guidance once Samhain hits.

Deep clean your home.

So much about the sabbats focuses on celebration and that’s wonderful, but we can sometimes forget that part of being pagan and/or a witch requires work. Getting down to the nitty gritty up to our elbows and working for the things we want. If you want to feel refreshed and ready for the new year that’s coming, deep cleaning your home is a great way to do just that.

Enjoy a seasonal meal.

Of course, what’s a sabbat without a good meal? You can make the meal as simple or as complicated as you like. I’ll be slow cooking a beef stew and some homemade brown bread. There are so many amazing recipes for this time of year on pinterest. A quick google or search on pinterest will render so many great dishes to make. Make one or a few of them and enjoy time with your friends and family.

Happy Autumn Equinox to you! xx


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