Paganism: A Life of Responsibility


Paganism: A Life of Responsibility

Mainstream perception of paganism is that we live a life without consequences, rules, or ethics, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is that being a pagan is really hard sometimes. It mandates a life of responsibility from those who follow it. It doesn’t even really matter which path you follow, either. Almost every path has some kind of code of ethics whether by frith, the Wiccan rede or otherwise.

More than that, a pagan path requires a life of SELF responsibility. Unlike many Abrahamic faiths whose followers could easily default to the token “the Devil made me do it,” paganism is not so forgiving. Because of this, Pagans have no choice but to take responsibility for their actions, thoughts, and words. We can’t default to the Devil.

And it’s tough. It means we think things through before acting, speaking, or directing our thoughts. It means we take all of the above very serious. We understand our part in the grand scheme of things and the impact we may have on the world. It helps us to see the big picture.

So, despite not having an “out” for my sometimes less-than-good choices, despite the fact that I must own my every move, and, despite it being a lot harder than letting Jesus take the wheel (nice as it would be), I’m grateful for this way of life. Every day, it helps me live a happier, more fulfilled, and honorable life.

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One thought on “Paganism: A Life of Responsibility

  1. Personal inventory and accounting, no blame or passing off to some blame or fault. Woohoo! for me, I do not believe that lie of passing things off to God Jesus devil whatever really exists, only sick and suffering people unwilling , unable, or in denial that there is another Way.


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