Lughnasadh: The Forgotten Sabbat

Lughnasadh The Forgotten Sabbat

Lughnasadh: The Forgotten Sabbat

Lughnasadh (pronounced loo-NAH-SAH) seems to be the most easily forgotten sabbat. After summer solstice (or midsummer or litha; whatever you celebrate), it’s easy to get wrapped up in the buzz of summer and let it pass you by. I urge you to take stock on August Eve this year (July 31st or August 1st depending on who you ask) and put aside some time for a small celebration.

So, what the heck is Lughnasadh even about?

Well, it honors the Celtic God Lugh, his stepmother Tailtiu (and her sacrifice to the crops), and the first harvest. You can read more about Lugh’s epic story by googling him, if you like.

There are many ways to celebrate Lughnasadh.

You can honor the sacrifice that Tailtiu made to the crops by sacrificing some bread, doing a simple bread ritual, or enjoying some homemade bread with your friends and family (or coven/grove/moot/whatever). You can honor Tailtiu’s sacrifice by making a sacrifice of your own. Consider sacrificing some of your bad habits, some grain and wine, or simply giving something up for the greater good, whatever that means to you.

Try honoring Lugh during Lughnasadh.

Play a variety of games or highlight your special skills. After all, Lugh was considered a master of skills, the arts, and poetry so try playing a series of games, read some poetry, and share any unique skills you have in service of others. You can do a warrior ritual or meditation to honor his warrior aspect. You can also do a simple ritual seeking guidance in developing your own skills.

Honor the harvest aspect of Lughnasadh.

Take time to bless your harvest, crops, and garden and share a nice meal (preferably highlighting grains of some kind) with friends, family, or group if you’re a part of one. This is the first of 3 harvests to come before the end of the year so make it count. Enjoy a nice dinner with those you care for. If you’re lucky enough to have crops, pick some berries or harvest the ready crops with some friends.

Other Lughnasadh Ideas:

  • Blessing Ritual for the Harvest + Coming Season
  • Gratitude Devotional for all you have received so far this year
  • Sacrifice Ritual for Banishing Bad Habits into the Sabbat Fire
  • Make some Homemade Bread
  • Make Salt dough deity figures
  • Throw your own version of the highland games
  • Share poetry among friends
  • Discuss your strengths/weaknesses in terms of skills to help develop your skills among friends and family
  • Enjoy a meal with food you get at a local farmer’s market so everything you consume is in season

Blessed Lughnasadh to you xx

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