What to Do When You’re Not Feeling Connected


What to Do When You’re Not Feeling Connected

I wanted to talk about this issue for a minute because it’s something I recently dealt with. I thought I would shed some light on those moments when you’re not feeling so connected. You know, you’re praying, but not feeling heard. Or maybe you don’t feel like praying at all. Your daily worship lulls to a minimum or maybe it’s not existent. Your rituals are uninspired and you just feel like you’re in a funk. Sound familiar? If so, here’s what to do when you’re not feeling connected and how to get your inspiration back.

Do it Anyway. Sometimes, we’re just not connecting out of laziness. If you think that’s the case with you, then try to just push yourself to do it. You may find that you connect once you really focus and do it. Whether it’s meditation, ritual, or simple daily devotion, maybe you just need that push to get it done.

Take a Break. If you feel burnt out on connecting with the gods/goddesses, then it’s possible you’re just overworked. No point in trying to force yourself if you can’t think straight so just take a break. Give yourself permission to rest. The gods won’t begrudge you a little R+R.

Retreat into Nature. If you truly feel detached, then retreating into nature might be a good idea to connect back with the earth and bring you closer in to it’s beating heart. You can do this in many ways including through nature retreats, hiking or camping, going to the beach, trekking through the forest for an afternoon, or relaxing in your garden for awhile.

Get Together With a Group. If you feel isolated and down due to solitary practice, it might be time to get together with a group. You can do a one off public ritual with a local chapter for any upcoming sabbat or become a seeker and search out local covens, moots, or groves within your local area that are of interest to you. Connecting with others is a great way to expand your craft and feel a sense of community.

Refresh Yourself + Try Again. If all else fails, refresh yourself and try again. Buy new candles, incense, or some seasonal herbs. Or maybe just clean your ritual space and altar. Move your altar to a new space, if you can. Then, when you’re ready, try again.


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4 thoughts on “What to Do When You’re Not Feeling Connected

  1. Music, chants, art, crafts, and making offerings are other good ones to reconnect and inspire. And read about what other people do!


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