5 Ways to Reconnect with the Earth this Spring

5 Ways to Reconnect with the Earth

5 Ways to Reconnect with the Earth this Spring

5 Ways to Reconnect with the Earth this Spring

In spring, the earth is awakening once again. Seeds sprout and flowers begin to bloom. For city dwellers like me, it can feel like there’s a massive disconnect between sensing the change in the seasons. Because of this, I thought I would share 5 ways to reconnect with the earth this spring and really feel the seasonal shift and the earth reawakening.

Go For A Hike

Get out into nature in an active way! Go for a hike, walk in the forest or on the beach, or a quick stroll. Embrace the natural areas near you and discover them. This will help you enjoy the sounds of nature, the sights and physical sensations of nature, and see the ways in which the wheel are turning.

Bring Plants Into Your Home

If that’s not an option, then bringing small plants into your home can help reconnect you with the natural world. It also helps clean the air in your home, brighten your mood, and bring color to rooms.

Start Gardening

If you’re lucky enough to have your own yard or space for gardening, then why not try growing some of your own plants? You can plant some wildflowers and help the bees out, plant an herb or veggie garden, a moon garden, or an herbal medicine garden.

Eat Seasonally

Another thing you might consider is eating seasonal foods. Seasonal meals will give you a sense of what the earth is doing right now. Fresh greens, whole nuts and seeds, and early spring vegetables and fruits are great for spring. A quick google can tell you what is in season in your area and should be easy to spot at your local grocery or farmer’s market.

Go On A Nature Oriented Trip

If you have time and money saved up, why not plan a trip to somewhere in nature? A reclusive spa or retreat into a natural rainforest. Camping in the woods or desert. Glamping in a treehouse. All of these ideas and more are perfect for indulging in the magic of nature while on a trip.

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