Why Being Pagan Means Living with Intention

Why Being Pagan Means Living with Intention


Why Being Pagan Means Living with Intention

Being pagan is not something I ever considered growing up, but it makes the most sense to me as an adult and a lot of that has to do with the emphasis on living with intention. Many mainstream religions seem to shuttle people from place to place with very little focus on actually understanding the faith and living each day with that intention. That’s not to say every religion or religious person follows their faith in this way, but it’s a big difference I’ve noticed.

Maybe it’s simply easier for people to follow the crowd with very little understanding of the why’s behind it. Maybe they just want a sense of community and belonging and there’s nothing wrong with that, but for me, the idea of everything in nature and life holding significance was a big draw to a pagan life. Because in paganism, everything is sacred. Everything is steeped in meaning, history, and connection and I love that.

Everything is Sacred

Everything in paganism is sacred from the meaning of colors and herbs to certain times of the year. We don’t observe holidays without understanding the meaning behind them. We take time to fulfill our highest potential in order to live our best lives. That’s not to say other religions don’t do this, but there is a big emphasis on this specifically in various pagan faiths.

Education is Emphasized

In paganism, it’s paramount you understand why you believe what you believe and be educated about it. Pagans have a very low tolerance for deliberate ignorance so it’s of the utmost importance that pagans be consistently researching, studying, and learning about their path in order to truly understand it. This means historical texts, contemporary texts, practical guides, and more are all recommended reading. Following a faith without understanding your “why” will be met with annoyance and backlash, in my experience.

Being Present is Encouraged

The last main aspect of paganism that encourages living with intention is that emphasis on being present. With each holy day observance and each aspect of a given pagan path, being present and in the moment is always encouraged. We are encouraged to observe the world around us, the change of the seasons, to be in tune with nature, to be in tune with others, to honor our family and friends, to respect and live our best lives. And to be aware of each moment with gratitude.

There are many more reasons and ways that paganism encourages living with intention, but these are the main ones I’ve noticed over and over again.

What have you noticed about your pagan path? If you’re not pagan, what ways does your faith encourage living with intention? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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