Happy Imbolc + Subscribe to My YouTube Channel!


Happy Imbolc! 

Happy Imbolc to you! We already discussed how to celebrate Imbolc so definitely give that a look if you’re unsure how to honor this sabbat! For me, I’m all about planting seeds today (figuratively and literally). I wanted to share that I now have a YouTube channel where I’m posting each week as it’s one of the literal seeds I’ve planted this year to improve my life and share more of my experiences with others. My main blog is a natural beauty one so I’ll be sharing things on clean beauty and healthy living, but I will also be sharing lots of videos about my Wiccan faith. In fact, I’ve already uploaded 2 videos about paganism and you can watch them below 😉

Annoying Pagan Stereotypes

WTF is Wicca?

I hope you enjoy the videos and please subscribe to my channel!

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