How to Celebrate Imbolc


There are many ways you can utilize when deciding how to celebrate Imbolc this February 1st. Imbolc is very much a light holy day in terms of the Neopagan Wheel of the Year. Imbolc stems from one of the 4 Celtic/Gaelic fire festivals of the year and celebrates the first light of spring. It’s very similar to “Groundhog’s Day” in that sense, but obviously has a more spiritual and agricultural meaning behind it. It’s also known as St. Brigid’s Day or Candlemas. Much of Imbolc, for Wiccans and other Neopagans, focuses on bringing the light back into our lives. Recognizing that even though it may still feel like the freezing cold, dark days of winter, there are brighter days ahead. Spring is near.

Appropriate Imbolc Herbs & Decor: Rosemary, Cinnamon, Myrrh, Frankincense, Spring Flowers (if you can find them), Besom, Wheat or Corn Dollies.

Imbolc Colors: Red, Orange, Brown, Green, Yellow, and White.

How to Celebrate Imbolc

An Imbolc Ritual

Utilize candlelight and herbs to create a beautiful altar for Imbolc and then do a simple ritual, welcoming spring back. Even though the days are still dark and cold, it’s a good idea to celebrate the God and Goddess, to welcome the rebirth of the God, and rejoice that the light of the Sun God is returning soon.

Light Your Home In Candles At Night or Bonfire

A nice way to save on your electricity bill AND celebrate the spirit of Imbolc is by using only candles when the sun goes down. Don’t use your electricity at all. If you can, avoid electronics and enjoy quiet time with a book, meditation, or spell crafting for the spring season. An alternative idea, if possible, is to have a bonfire night.

DIY Ice Lanterns of Handmade Candles

If you’re more of a crafty person, then maybe you want to enjoy a little DIY. You can make some beautiful ice lanterns (there are so many DIY tutorials on pinterest) imbued with plants and flowers. Once it’s done, you can set them out with a few tealights on your front porch, if it’s cold enough where you are. If not, consider making some handmade candles. You can add pressed flowers, plants or herbs to the candles as well.

Make A Lamb Roast

If cooking is more your style, then you may want to cook up a lamb roast. You can do this in the oven or slow cooker with some rosemary or thyme, potatoes, carrots, onions, and celery. Lambs are pretty big part of Imbolc, traditionally, as it was at this time of the year that they began milking lambs they had. Some were also, most likely, slaughtered for food. If you’re vegan, you can do a nice hearty vegetable curry instead. If the idea of making an entire meal isn’t appealing, then you can make a mulled wine, herbal tea, poppyseed muffins, or any kind of bread is appropriate.

Stone Gathering and Hiking

This last idea is for those who really want to get back into nature for Imbolc. If you’re lucky enough to have snow this time of year, then snow hiking is a great idea. Even if you don’t get snow, a nearby forest is lovely as well. Look for stones and gather them for your altar, make Brideo’gas and Bride’s beds if that is part of your practice and leave it out in your home (or the forest).

Wishing you a beautiful and peaceful Imbolc!

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