Why Pagans Don’t Worship the Devil.


If you’re completely unfamiliar with paganism, then you may be mistaken in thinking we all worship the devil. You may hear the word “heathen” and, immediately, think of a cult that worships Satan. This could NOT be further from the truth.

Why Pagans Don’t Worship the Devil.

For Wiccans

Wiccans worship the god and the goddess AKA Lord and the Lady which can take many forms, depending on the person’s chosen path and if they are solitary or part of a coven. Commonly, a patron god may be a “horned god” which some may interpret as “the devil,” but that would be entirely incorrect.

In fact, in almost all of paganism, there is no concept of “the devil”, of “hell,”, or of “evil.” Those are Abrahamic religious concepts that do not apply to our religious view. We simply view things as either dark or light, but not necessarily bad. The balance and inclusion of both aspects is something we see as important to the nature of life so they are not seen as good or evil. They’re all just a part of the wheel.

For Other Pagans (non-Wiccans)

Most pagans don’t have a concept of Hell, the Devil, or Evil either. A very small minority do actually worship Satan/the Devil, but most don’t. In fact, there are even some Satanists who don’t actually worship the Devil. Paganism is vast and there are MANY facets. It would be incredibly ignorant to assume we all worship the Devil in the same way that it would be ignorant to assume all Christians hate homosexuals or stone people to death.

Pagans, for the most part, are peaceful, accepting, intelligent, and kind people who simply want to be left alone to worship as they so choose. Just like any other religion.

Not All Witches are Not Pagans; Not All Pagans Are Witches

I talked about this before when discussing misconceptions about paganism, but it bears repeating. Many people seem to think that all pagans are witches, that the words “witch” and “Wicca” are synonymous, and that all witches are pagan. SO NOT TRUE!

As I said above, some pagans don’t even practice magick at all. They pray to their gods/goddesses and live totally normal, everyday lives. No spell craft required.

Other pagans, especially Wiccans, find magick to be an integral part of their spiritual life and therefore include it in many aspects of their religious practice.

Then, there are people who consider themselves witches who do magic, but do not attach any religious meaning to their rituals or spells.

In Super Simple Terms:

Wicca = the worship of a god and goddess + magick

Paganism = the worship of gods/goddesses which may or may not include witchcraft

Witch = Someone who does spells/rituals for the purpose of a specific outcome. This may be a spiritual practice or it may not be. Wiccans do magick, but vow to never harm anyone or try to manipulate a person’s will. Someone who only considers themselves a witch and not a pagan or wiccan may not abide by any code of ethics at all.

So, the next time you assume a pagan worships the Devil, just remember that, for us, he doesn’t even exist.



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