10 Yule Gift Ideas


As Above So Below - Yule Gift Ideas

10 Yule Gift Ideas

Yule is on it’s way so I thought I would share 10 more Yule gift ideas. These are specifically tailored for gifting to others who are pagan so it may not be appropriate for people who are not pagan, but pagans are sure to love these 🙂


Moon Phases Mug

Who doesn’t love a mug, am I right? Pagan or not. Mugs are awesome. There are tons with pagan sayings on them, runes, cool symbols, etc. Etsy is a great place to find them or you can make one yourself 🙂


Natural Candles

Candles are things I seem to blow through in my practice so gifting nice candles whether pillars, votives, tapers, chime or spell candles is always a nice gift to receive!


Myrrh Incense

Incense are another thing I seem to really go through quickly so I’m always happy to accept these as gifts! You can tailor the kind of incense to the season or maybe just that person’s favorites. Cinnamon, orange spice, and other wintry scents are great for holiday gift giving.


Incense Censer

An incense censer is a great gift because you can burn powder incense or incense sticks as you like. They’re small, portable and come in really cool designs that suit any number of pagan paths or tastes. They’re also fairly affordable!


Rune Bracelet

Of course, not everyone is into runes, but there are TONS of jewelry pieces out there with runes, Wiccan symbols, prayers, and other pagan symbols to suit any practice nicely.


Natural Tea

Most pagans enjoy a nice cup of tea and there are even some amazing spell teas out there with blends meant to attract abundance, happiness, peace of mind, and healing. You can tailor the blend to the season, person, or path.


Spirit Flame Bowl

This spirit flame bowl is Strega, but you can gift anyone a cool cauldron, ceramic bowl, abalone shells, etc. These are all great gifts to give people if they enjoy burning incense or different herbs in their craft.


Organic Dried Herbs

Herbs are a wonderful gift for any green witch you may know! Otherwise, various herbs can also be useful in spell work so herbs are always a great choice. Just make sure they are safe to use if they’re going to be burned or food grade if you plan on consuming them.


Altar Box

Altar boxes are so useful! For anyone who’s on the move or needs a nice place to store their altar items, altar boxes are great for keeping items clean and organized.


Altar Plaque

Altar plaques are a great item for any pagan altar and they come in all kinds of designs from the triquetra to the triple moon goddess symbol, wheel of the year, runes, scrying boards, and various patron gods and goddesses.


Rune Stones Set

I know I said 10, but this set was so cool I wanted to include it! Rune stones are great for various pagan paths who have an interesting in divination. If not runes, tarot cards are also a great choice!

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