My First Sabbat: Samhain


My First Sabbat: Samhain 

In truth, I’ve experienced Mabon shortly after I began my year and a day study, but Samhain (sow-en) was the first sabbat I was officially able to celebrate in an official kind of way.

I made soul cakes, left offerings of cider and pomegranates, prayed for my passed on ancestors, lit a bunch of candles, did a simple ritual for peace for them, more fulfillment and happiness for us all, and then I helped my boyfriend’s mom pass out Halloween candy.

Having a nice solitary ritual was fine and I enjoyed it, but I have to admit that being a solitary pagan is hard. The lack of guidance makes it hard to know if you’re doing things correctly or not, if I’m missing any steps, etc.


And not only is being solitary hard, but it’s really kind of lonely. I wish there was more community in my area. Or perhaps I don’t yet know where the community is. Who knows?

Maybe it’s the air of Samhain that’s an air of loss, sadness, and respect for the dead that makes the mood feel less joyful or maybe it’s just that I’ve no one really to share the experience with.

I just hope that the next sabbat, Yule, is more enjoyable than this one.

Does anyone have any specific traditions they follow for Yule? I’d love to hear your advice or thoughts on Samhain or upcoming Yule 🙂 

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