Why I chose Wicca / Paganism path...

Why I Chose Wicca / Paganism

Growing up, we didn’t really have a religious center. My mom was raised Christian and held those basic beliefs, but never attended church. My dad is Catholic, but we never attended services except for Easter, Christmas Eve’s midnight mass, and the odd attendance here and there. I think I attended church more often for funerals than for any kind of spiritual guidance.

For me, I never felt I belonged to any kind of religion. Christianity and Catholicism, to me, felt like a quicker way to hate myself. Women are considered the root of all evil. Sexuality is suppressed at all costs. Anything not of Christ is a temptation of the Devil himself. And you walk into those religions with a burden of sin and guilt upon your shoulders. None of this really ever sat right with me. As a woman, the misogynistic ideals of Christianity always left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Love, honor, and obey, right? Be subservient, obedient, etc. etc. Have the children, cook the meals, and clean up everyone’s mess. A woman who only exists to serve a man. That’s what it translated to in my brain. A prison cloaked as a religion.

So, for a long time, I felt that I might just be an atheist. Although I never claimed to not believe in a god, I just knew I didn’t believe in the “one true God” of Christianity, Judaism, or Islam.

When I discovered Wicca and paganism, it seemed as though I happened upon it by chance. Nobody converted me or brought me here; I arrived here on my own free will. And that, above all, is the reason why I chose Wicca / paganism as my personal path.

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