What Wicca Isn't AKA Misconceptions About Paganism

Misconceptions About Wicca and Paganism

Misconceptions About Wicca and Paganism

Wicca and paganism are riddled with misinformation and fear mongering. Christianity has, historically, rewritten the true meaning behind many Wiccan and pagan practices to turn them into something that people fear and hate. Since there are an insane amount of misconceptions about Wicca and paganism, I thought I would dispel a few for you guys.

What Wicca / Paganism Isn’t. 

Wicca is NOT worship of the Devil. Paganism is an umbrella term that covers a number of different polytheistic religions. In truth, neither Wiccans nor pagans recognize the Devil in their religion at all. Neither do they recognize Hell or Evil. Nothing is considered evil; it’s all just a part of the natural life cycle of death and rebirth. It’s all a balance of light and dark.

Wiccans do NOT believe they can fly. Or, at least, most of us sane practitioners don’t. We are simply seeking to live our lives in line and in honor of nature, family, and in balance (and the Gods/Goddesses whom we select to honor and be empowered by).

The myth that “witches fly on broomsticks” actually comes from a few sources.

The first is an old text called Malleus Maleficarum in which many pagan traditions are demonized and even fabricated to paint them in a bad light. The other place it comes from is a practice during the Middle Ages when pagan women would make a supposed witch’s brew that included mandrake, nightshade, black henbane and devil’s snare herbs and which were inserted into their vaginas with the help of broomstick handles. The combination of these herbs had psychoactive symptoms that induced hallucinations such as weightlessness (levitation) which led to some believing they could actually fly.

Wiccans do NOT put spells on people. Real Wiccans do not attempt to put spells on people under any circumstances.At least, not the kind that would compromise their free will. That would violate the only real honor code we live by which is “An it harm none, do what you will” which basically means, do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t harm anyone. As compromising the free will of another would surely hurt them, it’s against this code of ethics. There are people who attempt these kinds of spells and may consider themselves witches, but may not consider themselves to be Wiccans or pagans.

Wiccans do NOT do magick in order to “make” things happen. Magick in the Wiccan world does not work how you may imagine or have seen it in films. Magick does not replace action; it simply helps give you an edge. It’s very similar Christian prayer, but instead of having a priest or holy man perform any of the ritual for us, we do it ourselves and we believe that what we want in life is within our will/power to make it so (whether through spells, hard work, or a likely combination of both).

Not all pagans are Wiccans (or witches) and not all witches are pagans (or Wiccans). Some pagan beliefs don’t include magick works at all. They only include sacrifice and worship rituals to gods/goddesses. Some pagans do include magick, spells and rituals, but may not be Wiccans. Some people consider themselves witches and think they can do magick, but have no religious belief in what they are doing and may simply be attempting spells for personal gain.

There are many more, but these are the basics. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I can try to clear up any misconceptions for you 🙂


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